GTA Diamond Finnish Casino Heist - Μέγιστη Επεξήγηση (Gold Glitch 2.0) ($ 3,662,500 είναι ο μέγιστος αριθμός)

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The maximum take in the Diamond Finnish Casino Heist is $3,662,500. Although you can get more than this doing the Gold Glitch, it’s pointless. The game caps the take at $3.6 million. I recommend doing the Gold Glitch with just one other person. With two of you, you should be able to get $3.3 – $3.6 million.

Max Take on Normal is about $3.4 Million. Thank you to “Brown 93” in the comment section for pointing this out to me.

Gold Glitch Tutorial:

Finnish Casino Heist Escape Guide:

Finnish Casino Heist Replay (B2B) Glitch:

How To Get Duffel steal:

Noose Outfit Glitch:

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